Summer Programs for Gifted Kids

While many gifted students enjoy summer free time at home to play, read, relax, and let their minds wander, others may benefit from specialized experiences at a day camp or opportunities far from home. Here are some suggestions for places to begin your search if you’re looking for a residential experience. (Note: These are not program endorsements. You will want to do your own investigations of programs to make certain they fit your needs.)

Some summer programs are general and some are specialized. Examples of focused programs include the study of space, inventions, technology, government, music, film, oceanography, math, archaeology, debate, art, foreign languages, and Shakespeare. Search hard enough and you’re likely to find a specialty to meet every need.

Here are some searchable databases where you can begin to look.
  • Cogito—Near the top of the page, click on “Programs and Events” and then “Summer Programs.” You will find an extensive list that is searchable by grade level, location, eligibility, and subject.
  • Hoagie’s Gifted Education Page—Programs listed by country and by state.
  • Imagine Magazine—Includes Talent Search summer programs, university sponsored programs, and directories and links to other programs.
  • Institute for Educational Advancement—This site has multiple areas on which to search, including content, credit offered, grade level/age, and location.

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