Interactive Science Websites

The interactive science websites listed here can be used both in the classroom and at home to teach students.

Edheads provides many virtual teaching activities and supplemental resources. (Click on “Activities” at the top of the page.) Among the topics covered at the website are
  • Create a Line of Stem Cells—Learn what a stem cell is and help our scientists create a stem cell line!
  • Design a Cell Phone—Help engineering director Elena design and manufacture a cell phone to help senior citizens get the most out of new technology!
  • Deep Brain Stimulation—Help Dr. Vanessa Mei cut, probe, and drill her way to helping her patient cope with a movement disorder through brain surgery!
  • Crash Scene—Help the highway patrol recreate a deadly crash by examining the evidence and calculating the forces.
  • Virtual Hip Resurfacing—Take on the role of the surgeon throughout a hip resurfacing surgery.
  • Virtual Hip Replacement—Take on the role of the surgeon throughout a hip replacement surgery.
  • The Odd Machine—Learn how forces and simple machines can work together to create The Compound Machine.
  • Virtual Knee Surgery—Take on the role of the surgeon throughout a total knee replacement surgery.
  • Weather—Learn how to report and predict the weather at the underground W.H.E.D. weather caves.
  • Simple Machines—Learn about simple and compound machines while you explore the House and Tool Shed.
Virtual Electron Microscope—Click and drag specimens under the microscope and then match them with the answers on the right.

Virtual Dissections—A variety of websites offer the opportunity to either watch dissections or to do virtual dissections. Here are two.

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