Creativity Revisited

What is creativity and how should it be measured? Is it an important trait to possess? For many years, the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking have been used to measure individuals’ divergent thinking. The tests are sometimes used to gain entrance to gifted programs. But is it enough to be deemed creative, or is creativity only a valuable trait if one can put that ability to use to make and produce new and practical products and ideas? In the Wall Street Journal article, A Box? Or a Spaceship? What Makes Kids Creative, parents are given suggestions about how to help their children be creative. Some of the suggestions include  
  • Tolerate “wrong” answers as children explore and fantasize.  
  • Sign children up for programs that foster creativity, such as Destination ImagiNation, Odyssey of the Mind, and Future Problem-Solving Program International.   
  • Invite children to come up with possible solutions for everyday problems, and listen to their ideas with respect.   
  • Ask open-ended questions and show interest in answers.   
  • Refrain from judging kids' ideas, even if they seem crazy or naive.   
  • Avoid paying too much attention to the outcome of kids' creative efforts. (You want them to be creative for the pure pleasure of it, not because they will receive praise.) 

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