A Comprehensive Guide to the Study of Shakespeare


Your Comprehensive Guide to Everything Shakespeare is just what the title suggests—comprehensive. It draws from major websites on Internet that cover the playwright and poet. The guide is divided into the following topics:  
  • Cool Shakespeare Facts—Personal trivia, words and phrases that were created by Shakespeare, and information about the Globe Theatre.  
  • General Shakespeare Resources—Links to five major sites that cover a multitude of facts and opinions about the famous bard.  
  • Links to Every Single Shakespeare Work Online—Plays are divided into the categories of comedy, history, and tragedy. Shakespeare’s poems are also listed. Each link contains the complete work so you don’t have to go to the bookstore or library to get a play or sonnet.  
  • Links to Resources that Give Notes/Info/Explanations of Shakespeare Plays—Sites that will help you interpret the writings of Shakespeare.  
  • Shakespeare Festivals—A list of Shakespeare festivals (with Internet links) held in the United States and Canada. 

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