Summer Programs for the Gifted—It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning

Gifted students enroll in summer programs for a wide variety of reasons. They may choose to enroll in a summer program to
  • spend valuable time with others who are at a similar intellectual level
  • concentrate on a specific area of interest or ability
  • enhance their academic study with additional enrichment opportunities
  • burnish their credentials so that they have a better chance of gaining entrance to an elite college
  • "try out” an academic area of interest
  • earn early college credit. 
Cogito is an online community for gifted youth that is sponsored by Johns Hopkins University. The website contains a long list of summer programs located both in the United States and internationally. (Near the top of the page, click on “Programs and Events,” and then on “Summer Programs.” Most of the programs listed are designed for middle school and high school students, but some programs are designed for elementary school students. Some programs are residential and some are commuter. You can sort programs by grade level, eligibility, location, and subjects.

You also may want to check out Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page: Summer and Saturday Programs for more summer enrichment ideas.

Many summer programs have strict deadlines for admission. Whatever your reason for enrolling your student in such a program, be sure to start the process early.

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