Space Exploration

The study of space is often a high interest subject for kids. Use the following websites as extensions of classes at school, enrichment, or resources for independent studies.
  • Mars Exploration Program—Sponsored by NASA, this site offers youth-friendly information, photos, and video about Mars.
  • Spaceflight Now—This online news reporting site, focuses on space. The news is presented in both articles and in videos.
  • Space Weather—Tells about and lists calendars for space events such as sunspots, solar flares, aurora australis and aurora borealis, meteor showers, and near-Earth asteroids. It also includes some excellent links to other space weather related websites.
  • Universe Today—A collection of articles and images from news sources on topics such as accretion discs, exoplanet HD 189733b, and how to spot and track satellites.
  • Space for Europe—The European Space Agency provides a global approach to the study of space, with special sections for kids and for educators. There are also many articles and videos on topics such as identifying Alzheimer’s using space software, robots on Mars, and astronauts and the international space station.
  • NASA—This Web site offers an incredible amount of written information, as well as images, video, audio, and interactive activities. There are special sections for educators and for students. There is an area describing careers at NASA, including internship opportunities.
  • The Planetary Society—This is the world's largest space-interest group. It is dedicated to inspiring the public with the adventure and mystery of space exploration through projects and publications. There are quite a few activities for kids.
  • Space—This site offers information on space flight, science and astronomy, space in the entertainment industry, search for life, and skywatching.

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