Mentors for Gifted Students

Some students have such esoteric interests that it is only through one-on-one coaching and support that they can get the intellectual nourishment that they need. Understanding the value of mentors, how to find good mentors, and ways to structure mentorships are important tools. Here are some links that will be helpful.

  • Finding a Mentor for Your Gifted Child—Lorel Shea provides reasons why even young gifted students benefit from mentorships. She also gives tips for finding mentors. The author’s advice applies to students of any age who are gifted academically or have very strong interests.
  • Mentoring: An Interview with a Davidson Fellow’s Mentor –Dr. Woodbury and 2010 Davidson Fellow Laureate Kyle Loh—The type of mentorship described here is for mature, highly gifted, highly motivated students who are in middle school or high school and have academic needs that far surpass what would be found in even specialized schools for the gifted. The student described in this interview was interested in stem cell research. He entered Rutgers University at the age of 13.
  • Mentorships: A Guidebook—This guidebook, published by the Davidson Institute for Talent Development, helps students and adults determine if a young person is ready to pursue a mentorship and, if not, what alternatives are available. It includes parameters for setting up different types of mentorships and suggestions for finding mentors.
  • More from the Davidson Institute—The Davidson Institute has a wealth of information on mentorships (and many other topics that apply to gifted individuals). You can count on this website to sort through all the information that is available and post the very best. Type "mentor" in the search area at the top of the page.

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