If you think that the art of puppetry is a simple subject, think again. Like any niche subject, there is a great deal more to learn than initially meets the eye.

Puppetry can be incorporated into any subject, it can be a study on its own, or it may become a lifelong hobby. It may even lead to a profession (think Jim Henson).

Learning to make puppets and stage puppet shows is possible at many levels, from very simple to very sophisticated, and incorporates a variety of skills, including math, language arts, art, advanced problem solving, and creativity. Many bright kids will find it exciting and compelling.
Here are some puppetry websites that will help you as a teacher, a parent, or a student.

The Puppetry Home Page contains a wealth of information about the art of puppetry.
  • Definitions—Lists information about more than a dozen kinds of puppets.
  • Traditions Around the World—Traditions from 13 different countries.
  • Puppet Building—Books, patterns, tutorials, materials, and suppliers.
  • Using Puppetry—Puppet stages, plays, and scripts.
  • Schools, Workshops, Internships, Scholarships, and Awards—A great section for those who are seriously interested in puppetry.
  • Organizations—Links to organizations around the world.
  • Festivals—Conferences and festivals in the United States and Canada.
  • Exhibits and Museums—From around the world, with many in the United States.
  • Resources—Books, mailing lists, newsgroups, and other puppetry websites. 
Puppeteers’ Cooperative Home Page contains instructions for making 68 different puppets that are very large.

YouTube—Search on “Puppet Making Tutorial” for many options to learn how to make puppets.

Puppeteers Unite is a blog for current and future puppeteers that provides information detailing puppet performances, building techniques, and positive business practices.

You may want to search on the Internet for summer puppet camps. Start with a search such as “puppet camp” combined with the name of your city.

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