Online Math Program Comparison for Gifted Students

Online math programs may be used during school hours or after school. They may serve as enrichment or acceleration and may offer classes in areas that are not readily available elsewhere. An online math program may also be a good choice for a student who is homeschooled. The Davidson Institute has put together an Online Math Program Comparison. The information provided is a one-stop shopping experience when considering an online class. This database presents a table of ten of the most popular online math programs used by Davidson Young Scholars. Included are Internet links to each program’s website, prices (one is free), topics offered, enrollment periods, whether or not the program is self-paced, financial assistance, levels/grades offered, and age/grade requirements.

In Tips for Parents: Parenting Math-Talented Students, author Lupkowski-Shoplik advises parents that
One of the major benefits of studying math via an online mathematics program is the opportunity to study a subject at the right level of challenge. The student can work at his or her own pace and at the right level. One of the most difficult aspects of online math programs is that the student should be highly self-motivated and an independent learner. Some students thrive in this atmosphere, others feel isolated and find that they prefer being in a classroom setting.

If you are considering an online class for your math student, be sure to look at the comparison table offered by The Davidson Institute.

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