Training and Competencies of Teachers of the Gifted

In Teaching Gifted Children: National Guidelines and State Requirements, Sarah Boone points out the following: “Since no national degree or certification requirements for gifted educators exist, all policy and funding mandates come from the state and local levels. As a result, requirements for teacher training and ongoing professional development vary widely from state to state and in many cases from district to district within a given state.”

Some teachers are naturals when it comes to teaching gifted students, intuitively understanding the individual needs of this group. Much more often, special training is required for teachers to understand how these kids think and learn, what methods and materials are available to use with them, and how to work positively with their parents. Unfortunately, many gifted programs employ teachers who have no training in gifted education.

Do you know the qualifications of the person who teaches your gifted child? Do you know where your state stands on gifted education policies?

Gifted education policies are determined by states and often individual districts. Some states or districts have specific requirements for educators to fulfill before they are allowed to teach gifted students, but most do not.

The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) has developed Pre-K–Grade 12 Gifted Education Programming Standards.

For more information on your state's standards regarding gifted education click here.

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