Music Appreciation for the Gifted

Online Resource Center at Carnegie Hall provides resources for teaching and learning, including

  • Activities, lesson plans, and multimedia resources for K-12 educators
  • Games and listening guides
  • Creative learning project where high school choruses and composers work with the musicians
  • Master classes
  • Best practices for professional artists in educational and community settings
  • Community-based musical work in healthcare settings, correctional facilities, homeless shelters, and senior centers
  • Live events from Carnegie Hall
  • Artist interviews
  • The history of Carnegie Hall 

Here is an example of what can be found in Games and Listening Guides. This section was designed to teach kids, ages 6–12 about sound, music notation, text, and instruments in a fun, interactive exploration. Teacher resources are included along with the following adventures:

  • “An Interactive History of African American Music” where you can trace the development of African American musical styles from the music created during slavery to today's popular styles. At each stop on this musical journey, you can view photos, historical images, and listen to audio clips.
  • The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, by Benjamin Britten” where students join Violet as she embarks on an instrument safari, guided by her uncle Ollie, collecting all the instruments of the orchestra.
  • “Carnegie Hall Animated History” hosted by Gino the cat who leads an adventure through Carnegie Hall from its founding in 1891 to the present day. It includes a game featuring important figures from this landmark music venue's past.
  • “Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9” teaches kids about the structure of the symphony as well as the instruments that are played. This is done with help from Dvořák himself via excerpts from his letters and instructive comments about his life. Engaging activities are also included.

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