Teaching Foreign Language to Gifted Students

All research points to the virtues of beginning foreign language early in life—as early as preschool. Both parents and teachers appreciate ways to enrich foreign language instruction for their students who are gifted in this area.

As we become more and more global-centric, multilingual skills become increasingly important. We need to move beyond learning just one foreign language to being comfortable speaking several languages.

The following are helpful resources for teaching or learning a foreign language.

Here you will find an extensive list of language camps for students of all ages.

There are lots of enrichment activities at this website, especially for French and Spanish. 

At this site you will find words, phrases, verbs, information on culture, etc. for Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Chinese, and Russian.

If you do an Internet search on “Foreign Language Online,” or “Foreign Language Enrichment,” you will find many more free resources for learning languages.

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