Questions for Thoughtful Discussions

Are you looking for some great starters for deep discussions among teachers, parents, or students? Consider using one or more of the following questions to get the ball rolling.

  • Are schooling and learning synonymous?
  • When school isn’t the ideal place to educate kids, what should you do?
  • Should schools be responsible for completely educating young people or should they be considered supplements to education provided at home?
  • Are we adequately preparing kids for living and working in today’s world?
  • How can we foster a natural love of learning?
  • How can we allow and encourage young people to follow their passions, even though time consuming school assignments may make that difficult?
  • How can parents best communicate their educational philosophy and the needs of their kids to teachers?
  • How can parents play an active role in the education of their youngsters? What does “active role” mean?
  • What does an educated person look like?
  • How can parents and teachers help to keep the joy of learning alive?
  • How will technology change the way we learn?

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