The Art, Math, and Science of Snowflakes

Snowflakes and crystals make for fascinating study. Perhaps you thought that gazing at and trying to understand these beautiful creations was just a fun way to spend a few moments outside; however, some people dedicate their entire lives to studying these gifts from nature. was created by Kenneth G. Libbrecht, professor of physics and chairman of the Physics Department at Caltec. At this website, which is very well laid out and easy to follow, you will find
  • incredible galleries of snowflake photos,
  • the classification of different types of snowflakes,
  • books about snowflakes,
  • information about the physics of snowflakes,
  • snowflake activities
  • tips on where to go to view the best snow crystals.

It is so easy to get caught up in the required curriculum and ignore the everyday wonders that surround us. But by introducing students to a wide variety of subjects and interests that may be outside of the regular curriculum, we may just spark an interest in kids that will carry them forward to additional paths of inquiry.

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