Friendship and Giftedness

There is a common misconception that gifted children experience more social and emotional troubles than average children. Research, however, shows that most gifted young people are well-adjusted and have a strong circle of friends. For a clearer understanding of the importance of the friendships of gifted children, you will want to consult the following resources:

The Davidson Institute for Talent Development
The Davidson Institute offers numerous links to articles that expand on this theme, as well as information about a wide variety of books that discuss friendship and giftedness. Articles that may interest you include:
  • Tips for Parents: Gifted Children’s Friendships
  • Tips for Parents: Socialization and the Profoundly Gifted Child
  • The Impact of Giftedness on Psychological Well-Being
  • Highly Gifted Children and Peer Relationships
  • Aspects of Personality and Peer Relations of Extremely Talented Adolescents
  • A Cross-Sectional Developmental Study of the Social Relations of Students Who Enter College Early
  • Friendship Patterns in Highly Intelligent Children

SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted)

Duke TIP: Digest of Gifted Research

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