Online Resources for Twice Exceptional Students

An oxymoron it is not—twice exceptional, 2e, GT/LD, gifted with learning disabilities—these are all labels given to people who are very bright, yet have learning difficulties. The phenomenon is much more common than most people realize.

There are online resources to help parents and teachers better understand and work with students who fit into this category.
  • 2e Newsletter contains lots of free articles and an online newsletter to which one can subscribe.
  • Twice Gifted lists characteristics of children who are gifted but are visually impaired, hearing impaired, or have physical disabilities. Strategies are suggested to use with students who are twice exceptional. The website also discusses savants, those with Asperger’s syndrome, and gifted students who suffer from depression.
  • Uniquely Gifted provides many resources, including articles and personal experiences of both parents and students. A long list of types of disabilities is presented with links to supporting information. Also included are treatments, training, and therapies to use with twice exceptional students. Numerous support groups and email lists are given.
Explore these resources for a better understanding of bright kids with learning difficulties and suggestions of ways to help them compensate.

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