Developing Artistic Talent

Jan Brett is a popular author/illustrator of children’s books. She is especially fond of drawing animals. At her website is a series of videos that could easily be used at home or at school to encourage artistic talent.

From the time Brett was in kindergarten, she knew she wanted to be an illustrator of children’s books. The videos include interviews that share how this talented lady became interested in drawing, and the events in her youth that inspired her. She also talks about how she gets the ideas for the books she publishes now.

In addition to the interviews, there are more than two dozen videos where Brett shows how to draw various animals and objects, breaking down the process into small, easy-to-follow steps. She includes a dolphin, rhinoceros, creature of the deep, lion, baby polar bear, hedgehog, chick, African okapi, bunny, elephant, horse, and Siberian husky.

This website is an excellent resource for students who want to do an in-depth study on a children’s author/illustrator. It could also serve as an inspiration for those who would someday like to publish their own work.

After watching the videos, students may want to create their own illustrated books for fun.

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