MIT OpenCourseWare for High School

More and more of the country’s best universities are making OpenCourseWare (free video and audio clips, animations, lecture notes, assignments, etc.) available online. MIT has taken this concept one step further and created Highlights for High Schools, where materials are featured that are most useful for high school students and teachers. Many wonderful resources are available in the areas of science, math, and the humanities that include study materials, courses, test preparation, labs, and competitions. Many of the materials will help students study for AP exams.

The site also has just plain interesting, free courses appropriate for gifted high school students, including a class that teaches how to design sets for theater and one on designing toys (both under the heading of Knowledge in Action: Build Stuff).

There are also high school courses created by MIT students such as Guitar Building; a course exploring Gödel, Escher, and Bach; and Combinatorics, a fascinating branch of mathematics that applies to problems ranging from card games to quantum physics to the Internet.

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