Language Immersion Programs

“Our son had the most incredible experience last summer,” one parent told me. (He was a bright kid, but hadn’t done well in his French class the last year.) “We decided to enroll him at a language immersion camp at Concordia College in MN. The entire time he was there, nothing was spoken except French. All possible ways of communicating in any other fashion were taken away, including cell phones and computers.” She said he absolutely loved the experience.

The Concordia Language Villages are located in Minnesota. At the villages, 15 languages (including Chinese, Finnish, Arabic, Korean, and Russian) and have sessions ranging from 1-4 weeks for students 7-18 years of age. All levels from beginner through advanced are welcome.

Day camps are available at several locations for children ages 4 through grade 6 with a selection of eight different languages.

Concordia also has an immersion program for children from countries around the world who want to learn English. That program is held in Portland, Maine.

In addition, there are programs for families and for adults.

Scholarships are available.

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