Gifted Kids Plan for College

Attending college, especially an elite school, is a huge investment of both time and money. Therefore, planning for college should take place long before one’s junior or senior year in high school. Consider starting the process in middle school. You want to make certain that you chose a school that is a good match and that you have done everything necessary to get accepted and to be prepared for the experience. There are aids available to help with this process. Here are a few.

College Planning for Gifted Students: Choosing and Getting Into the Right College, by Sandra Berger. provides a hands-on, practical guide to college planning. The book’s author focuses on helping gifted students match self-awareness to the right post-secondary experience. She also provides practical advice for writing college application essays, requesting recommendation letters, visiting colleges, and preparing for the college entrance interview.

Imagine Magazine is published by Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth. This excellent magazine is geared toward gifted students in grades 7-12. Each issue is theme oriented, profiles of fascinating careers, and offers advice on planning for college. Many of the career profiles go way beyond the traditional careers one has come to expect (i.e., Sea World veterinarian, forensic paleontologist, and medical anthropologist).

The Princeton Review has a number of helpful tools to use with college planning, including information on college entrance tests, tips for creating a college action plan beginning freshman year, financial aid, and information about schools and majors.  

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