Tutoring Gifted Students Full Time

There are many options for educating gifted students—both traditional and nontraditional. One option that is useful in some situations is hiring a full time private tutor.

This is a throwback to the time when children were educated by a governess or tutor and curricula were customized to meet the needs of the individual students. Parents who hire full time tutors may not be displeased with public education. It just doesn’t fit their lifestyles. Some families do it for short stints, others for years at a time.

Full time tutors are used by families who:
  • live between two or more locations
  • have a parent who travels a lot
  • have a child who is sick for an extended period of time
  • have children in show business or competitive sports
  • want to homeschool their children, but are unable to do so themselves
  • is profoundly gifted
Although many of the families who pursue this type of education are wealthy, increasing numbers of middle class families have begun to school their children at home using tutors.

Some families combine full time tutors with online learning and local enrichment classes to add variety.

A few organizations that provide full time tutors are:
Full time tutors may also be found from the current pool of college graduates who are not able to find traditional jobs or are looking for non-traditional jobs.

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