Resources for Successful Participation in Science Fairs

In many elementary, middle, and high schools, science fairs occur annually. These fairs offer serious students a chance to explore areas of interest in depth. They also provide opportunities for students to explore areas they may not have otherwise considered. Participation in science fairs requires planning, academic discipline, and academic rigor. There is much information available on the Internet to help teachers, students, and parents work through the process. A sampling includes

Science Fair Central—For students, teachers, science fair coordinators, and parents. This site offers a step-by-step process from choosing a project to creating an effective presentation.

Science Fair Projects—An aid to help students find topics for their science fair projects.

Science Fairs Homepage—This site is designed to aid students in the most difficult aspect of their science fair experience; getting an idea. It lists projects in four categories: primary, elementary, intermediate, and senior.—This website includes a sample science fair judging sheet to help the student and parent better understand how a project may be evaluated.

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