All Parents Homeschool to Some Extent

All parents homeschool their children to some extent. It is all on a continuum, with some families deciding to make the commitment to homeschool their children full time and some providing aspects of homeschooling without even realizing they are doing so.

Parents who choose to homeschool their children full time do so for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is that the parents do not feel that the school can provide an appropriate education for their children. This may be especially true with highly gifted students.

Even if you don’t homeschool your children full time, you may want to look at Internet Resources for Homeschooling Gifted Students for ideas to incorporate into your own family’s situation. Schools cannot possibly provide a complete education for your young people; no one entity can. One’s education comes from a total experience of formal schooling, plus all experiences outside of school. You are homeschooling your children when you take them to the library, to cultural events, to museums, and on trips to areas outside their neighborhoods. You are homeschooling when you read to them, discuss with them, and encourage their hobbies. You are homeschooling when you enroll them in music lessons or send them to camp. Enjoy your homeschooling experience whether it is part-time or full time.

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